Authoritas SEO Tool Review. Is it worth the price?

You’re with Craig and this is my review of Authoritas SEO Software Platform.   I picked up the Authoritas SEO tool via the appsumo lifetime deal (Now finished but check this new software if you are looking for a lifetime deal) and so far Authoritas has some good points and a few negative points.


  • Authoritas has Pure Rank and True rank (just text versus all SERPS)
  • Keywords have user intent displayed (useful for determining buying keywords)
  • Filters to hone in on different SERP, i.e people also ask, images
  • Track competitors keyword ranking in project



  • Authoritas is a project based tool so not suited for researching keywords or competitors rankings easily (Use SERanking for this, from $25 per month)
  • Dashboard can confusing with UX and UI and takes some time to get familiar with.
  • Dashboard not responsive and old fashioned in appearance. (not responsive means the screen cuts cut off and you miss information
  • Expensive (starts at $99 PM where as Seranking starts at $25 PM and has similar features with an easy UX and UI.)
  • No web audit component for finding issues affecting your rankings

Authoritas Review

It’s important to note that Authoritas is a project-based software for SEO.

Project based software means loading a project on the tool to get the data on competitors, rankings, backlinks and so on whereas a tool like SEranking has the research tools available without having to set up a project so you can happily hammer away researching keywords, domain name strengths, backlinks and so on.

It’s also important to note that Authoritas DOES NOT have a web audit facility like SEranking does so finding the technical issues with your website is not available

The image below is from SEranking dashboard and shows some of the options automatically included.

I couldn’t find many accurate reviews so I decided to create one which will help those considering this SEO software for digital marketing and at $99 US starting price its got to know what you are getting for your money.

SERanking starts at $25US so worth a look first perhaps?.
I know that Authoritas SEO tool is going to be valuable SEO software for me going forward.

What is Authoritas SEO Software?

Authoritas is a Saas SEO software tool that provides professional SEO teams with a complete platform for consistently growing their organic traffic. It is robust and has a very intricate UX with excellent drill down opportunities and analytical data sets. It is project based and each project contributes towards the usage of any data caps on your account excluding researching competition websites which is unlimited.

Features of Authoritas SEO Software Platform

I’m going to go through some of the features I find useful (I do SEO and content marketing) in Authoritas with you. The “Intention” of search is useful as is the SERP in a neatly presented icon pattern beside the word.


1. Authoritas SERP Feature Tracking

  • True and Pure Rankings.
    One of the reasons I bought this tool is the True and Pure SEO tracking.

Previously, Google provided ten organic links per page (plus some ads at the top), so determining your organic ranking was a straightforward process of locating where you were on the list.

However with the new positions opened up on SERPs for videos, images, Google shopping, “People also ask” ads, etc the organic listing can often be pushed down the page and do not send much traffic.

The “Pure Rank” configuration for keyword rankings will only consider organic rankings (the 10 blue links)

The “True Rank” google search will do a market analysis and show all the SERP which is more accurate and will affect your ability to rank and the traffic you will get.

According to Authoritas, each Universal SERP feature counts as a block. A single Universal Ranking position can be occupied by an image block containing five to fifteen images or 4-5 videos, or 6 “People also ask” questions with organic listing at the bottom of the page.

This can cause slight fluctuations in your ranking reports if the keyword you are tracking has universal SERP features above your organic ranking.  Authoritas feel that these ranks now better reflect the reality of what is happening in the SERPs on a day-to-day basis. Example below


  • As you can see in the image below ranking no 1 or 2 organically will get you nowhere. The search is transactional and Google have decided to show products, videos “ask questions” than the organic listing.
    The organic listings of course are at the bottom of the page.
  • As they say in fishing, match the hatch! so you need to match the search intention and focus on products or videos or “ask questions”



Keyword Intention In The SERPS 

  • Keyword Intention
    The other thing that I really, really love about this tool is the inbuilt intention score for keywords. Authoritas tracks:

    1. Navigational – information relating to a company, person or brand
    2. Informational – general or factual information about a topic
    3. Transactional – information to aid a purchase decision
    4. Commercial Research – businesses research

    search intent keywords

    You get a better picture of the buyer journey and the content that users are seeking at different stages of their buyer journey by distinguishing between Commercial Research, Transactional, Navigational, Informational and your content strategy will be more effective if you do this.

    One of the projects I’m running for a client had a keyword that was actually a transactional keyword, not informational as we thought, so after a brief phone call to the client, we changed our content on that page. It is being rewritten as we speak to match the intent.  And it wasn’t obvious that one, not obvious at all, as you would think.

More amazing ranking factors from Authoritas

Authoritas has the ability to track rankings for  Google’s “people also ask questions”, snippets, videos and images as well as my target keywords. That is a big tick for me.
Having all that data in the same place is incredibly useful!

Google People Also Ask

User Experience

The first thing you need to know is there are three main buttons at the top of the platform that you will be using.
1. Apps
2. Settings
3. Account.
You’ll be bouncing between the three, but mostly you’ll be in apps.


In settings, you can set up crawl schedules. You can do alerts for keyword rankings. You can do all sorts of things. Here. You can integrate here with Google search console, Google analytics.

There is also a keyword option in the menu and these are keywords that they call  “market keywords” they will allocate into your backlink profile to see if any of your backlinks are actually using the anchor text. So I thought that’s really helpful.

Keyword Tags
Tags are where you can set up keywords that you’re tracking and put them into clusters and give them a tag. So, therefore, when you’re setting up new keywords for tracking, you can just allocate that cluster of words. So if you’re doing semantic SEO, that probably is really important to you.

Market Analysis


market analysis

Here you can enter any website or show a project (or choose one of your competitors to see what they’re ranking for, what their organic visibility is like based on the structure of the SERP

You can see the SERP display and the intention of the keywords plus there are the usual drop downs to drill in deeper.
You can see the user intent scores out of a hundred. And for what types of user intent per keyword. Beautiful, really, really powerful. You can look at the ranking URLs. You get the visibility profile there. Their position, the values and CPC values.

 So you can actually track the people also ask, the snippets along with all reviews frequently asked questions, local business listings, sports, et cetera.

So keyword Explorer that goes into a different looking platform and only relates to the project you’re working on. So it’s not like it is just a general keyword tool as far as that’s my understanding. Anyway, I tried to remove this and it didn’t work. So I think that’s right. And these are the same menu items here, but just in a different sort of setup here.

Content 360

Now content 360 is an interesting one. This gives you an overview of how you are seen on the internet, what you are ranking for, backlinks, the internal link structure of the projects that are running. There is some pretty interesting stuff there.

Setting up a dashboard for a project 

A dashboard contains widgets. So you edit widgets there and you can use average ranking, domain ranking link count. You can do whatever you want on there. So you end up with a data console which is great.



I like this product however the $99 a month mark is pricey for smaller users and SEranking is better value.

However for larger agencies, I think this tool would be very good. Very helpful staff and the Webinars are amazing. I think this is a great product.

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