Convertri Review Sales Funnel Builder 2020

Convertri Review. Updated 2020 .

Since the time I wrote this Convertri Review in 2016, (the year I got my Convertri account) many things have changed so I have updated my website as things progressed. Now that it is 2020 and I am still using Convertri every day as a sales funnel, this website and the comments in it reflect what is happening now.


I did not anticipate when I built this Convertri review page that the support and technical team would be so dedicated to making so many improvements each month, which means I am constantly updating to stay current :-). It’s a great problem to have!!


In fact one of the impressive things about Convertri is the amazing updates that come regularly and the way the customer service team keep in contact with users of the funnel software to update them of changes and to seek feedback. Other page builders don’t compare.

Convertri Review

What is Convertri?

Convertri is a sales funnel and a landing page builder that uses free form editing and accelerated page technology to create their main USP. It is also used as a funnel planner.

This funnel builder technology makes all pages load fast on tablet, mobile or desktop anywhere in the world. This is a sophisticated piece of software and has many bells and whistles for online marketers including a sophisticated page importer.

The page builder is built by Andy Fletcher and Neil Murton and was released in July 2016. I bought it at that time as a beta tester.

What are Convertri's main features and benefits

#1. Very fast web pages.
Convertri uses accelerated page technology to provide extremely fast pages on mobile, tablet and desktop. The technology known as APT uses a series of high speed servers for the content delivery network plus compressed code to ensure very fast load times. Fast pages is a big benefit in conversions.

#2. Free form editing of webpages. 
Convertri uses a drag and drop system for editing webpages which means you can drag any element to anywhere within the editor, which gives total freedom for design. The pages funnels are easy to navigate and its a great tool.

Convertri also supply a large number of sales funnel templates which can be edited to suit the user. The fast pages can be easily cloned for split testing and inbuilt into the platform are analytics to measure conversions from the split test exercise. It even has a page importer and is used as a funnel planner with the arrow connects provided between pages

#3. Security
With Convertri the security is all taken care of by the technicians that support the program within Convertri. Convertri is very secure. The owners have put alot of money and effort into the security of their software and I was very impressed by some of the big names that use it for their launches. 

I think having my landing pages hosted online is way better than self hosted. They are fast pages also.

The hackers are getting smarter day by day and long term I can’t see an easy solution to it. Its estimated that out of 75 million WordPress sites 12% are hacked making that number 9 million sites that are hacked. Not great. Most people who are using Convertri love the security.
More information here if you would like to see it.

Unless you have the resources (financial and physical) to manage the security of your sites, then it’s always going to be a battle to get fast speeds, be secure and to keep attackers away.

4#. 100% Uptime on Convertri server

Ok so you have put your faith in someone to host your landing pages on their server. It all sounds good but what happens if it goes down? You are helpless right, its their server not yours, and what can you do to restore your sales funnel. This is what went through my mind as I moved all my sales landing pages to Convertri. Its scary right? Well I have good news dear reader.

As I am writing this its 2020, to date there has been 100% UPTIME. Yes thats right 100% uptime on Convertri. Impressive right. I told you they are clever guys. Thats 4 years without a blemish, with NO downtime. Not only great sales funnels but uptime too!

Convertri has been responsible for some of the biggest launches in Internet history with hundreds of thousands of people hitting the server at the same time, and it has performed faultlessly. Try to see if other software can say the same thing

5#. Integrations
Convertri integrates with many third party software companies to make optimisation for conversions super easy. The below image only shows a handful of the integrations. 

There are API integrations and  HTML integrations for those businesses not on the list. This gives you power and convenience for your online business.

Some of the integrations include email marketing platforms, payment gateways, webinar software, email automation software, payment processor, and membership platforms. They also have a wordpress plugin to integrate your pages on a wordpress site. I do not personally use the wordpress plugin as in my mind it defects the purpose of having a platform. Instead I use a menu link to my landing page with the option to click a menu link and return to the main site. Much better!

6#. Built in shopping cart that integrates via API with payment processors and membership software.

Convertri integrates with a membership platform and stripe payment gateway to make selling online membership courses or products very easy. I use it for my courses and so far the integrations has been faultless. The system also has bump sells.

Additions to Convertri Integrations updated April 2020

As at April 2020 Convertri has added more Integrations which is very cool. Here is the list

Active Campaign
Get Response
Send Lane
Market Hero
Campaign Refinery
Mailer Lite
Smart Engage
Webinar Jam
Send Grid
Thrive Cart


How fast are Convertri loadtimes?​

In this example I have two sites running with similar sized MB.
# No 1 is built using Convertri 100%
# No 2 is built using Thrive Architect Landing page builder plugin on a std wordpress theme.

The speed tests are done on mobile and as you can see Convertri’s server speed is faster. You can see the domain url’s below if you want to test yourself.

Convertri A+++

Convertri speed test mobile

Thrive Architect C-


Convertri has what is known as accelerated page technology which means the mobile speed of Convertri is based on Google’s stripped down code which loads incredibly fast.
It is no secret that Google likes fast loading sites and Convertri is very fast. Make no mistake about that.

Can Convertri do recurring billing

Yes it can. If you have a product with recurring payments required such as membership courses, paid newsletters, subscriptions or anything that requires recurring billing, Convertri’s inbuilt gateway and ecommerce feature  has a feature inbuilt to offer this. 

Convertri’s integrated shopping cart lets you create 1-click upsells, set up subscriptions, trials, and even use bump offers to get your funnels converting more effectively.

Can Convertri do one click upsells?

Convertri has a very simple system for creating one click upsells which automatically add to billing the credit card. With 1-click upsells, customers who have already purchased from you can do so again with just one click which makes this an awesome feature and I use it often. 

The systems within the platform are usually done via a check box as shown below which means it is simple to do and does not need technical know how. This is one of the reasons I use Convertri.


Does Convertri have dynamic text replacement?

Yes it has dynamic text replacement which is very handy for online marketing companies that used paid advertising in Google Ads. The Dynamic text replacement feature in Converti automates the process of changing keywords on your landing pages to match the keywords your potential clients are searching for. 

The tool automatically inserts the keyword into the page which in turn gets a better over all score from Google and potentially helps with more lead conversions due to the customers seeing their search terms on the page. There is no doubt this funnel software has some great features including a page importer.

convertri dynamic text replacement

What does it cost?

There are a few plans to choose from including a pro plan. The prices below are right as at January 2020 and hopefully when you are reading this the price has not changed.

How easy is Convertri to use?

I have to confess I struggled a little when I first started with Convertri back in 2016.

Its quite different to using a block editor like Thrive, very different in fact. With the recent addition of a page importer it means you can get great designs done fast and create some great sales funnels.

However I found after a week of building landing pages and sales funnels, it was the easiest platform I have ever used.

Just select any element you wish, hold down your mouse drag to any position you like on the page.

The editor is a breeze to use and you can save as you go. There are undo options should you make errors and these can be used when ever needed. 

Convertri takes a little change in your thinking when you use it the first time but once you are using it you won’t go back to a block editor. Its addictive and your designs will improve tremendously.

It is very intuitive unlike the block element builders so you soon get the hang of it and before long it becomes an absolute pleasure. You wonder how you ever used a block form editor !

I also noticed that using a free form editor for the first time made me think more about my sales funnels and design plus my messaging, which I found to be a huge benefit to my business.

If you use Convertri also has hundreds of amazing templates to chose from which makes things easier when starting out, but the one thing Convertri has taught me is to put more thought into the layout design and messaging.

Convertri free form editor benefits


Convertri is a key component in my business and I love it so I highly recommend it.

Great product, weekly updates to make you weep with joy, great support, great community.

Whats not to like?

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