Convertri vs Instapage

Hi, My name is Craig Connelly and I am based in New Zealand. I have a lead generation business which means I have used most of the landing page builders on the market at one time or another.

The one I settled on for all my clients now is called Convertri Review.  

However Instapage has some great merits too so lets review them together and see what suits yours needs the best as requirements vary between online marketers. 

This page looks at  Converti versus Instapage and gives you the facts side by side. 
Need more information first on what Convertri is? Click the article link below to find out

What is Convertri?

Which landing page builder is the fastest?

The easiest way to find out which is best is to run a speed test on pages of a similar size that are hosted on both platforms and see who rates as fastest. Sound fair enough? 

I have found the Instapage totally at random and looked for something with a similar size to my site to compare.

I have tested the speed on Google speed test and also on GTMetrix so the comparison is fair. If you want to test yourself then Test Convertri speed here for yourself with a FREE 14 day account

Speed Test on GT Metrix on Desktop

Convertri: Overall rating A+++

Speed Test on GT Metrix on Desktop

Instapage: Overall rating C-

Instapage Speed Test Web pages

Speed Test on Google For Mobile

Convertri: Overall rating A+++

convertri landing page test on google

Speed Test on Google on Mobile

Instapage: Overall rating C-

Convertri puts a lot of focus into keeping up with Google’s requirements for speed. It is no secret that Google loves fast loading sites and Convertri is very fast, very fast!

The speed of Convertri helps with Search Engine Optimization and landing page conversions.

Unfortunately on this one Instapage is clearly the slower platform which was one of the reasons I stopped using it.

Which Landing Page Builder Is The Easiest To Use?

Building solid landing pages helps grow sales and yield great results, but which platform makes that job easier?

To answer that question we first have to understand how editors work.
Convertri is a Free form editor and Instapage is also a freeform editor. Freeform is easier to use so in this case I can only rate the editors by value for money and Instapage is so much more expensive than Convertri. I will give them both an even score on ease of use but Instapage is way more expensive so that gets a down vote from me.

Editor on Convertri

Convertri: Overall rating A+++

Convertri free form editor benefits

Editor on Instapages 

Instapage: Overall rating A+++

instapage free form editor


Both software packages use freeform editors and both are fantastic.

They are similar but have different UX and I would rate both easy to use and learn.
There are advanced features for both brands so there is a learning curve for those features, however on both packages you can be up and running with amazing looking pages in a very quick time.

There are huge price differences between the two which is why I think Convertri is better value.

If you want to piss customers off then double your prices and wait for the response. This is what Instapage did in 2019. See the price differences below. (their cheapest package is now $199 per month= OUCH!!)

Which Is The Cheapest Landing Page Builder?

Convertri Monthly rate: $58 per month

Convertri Pro package  

  • A/B Split testing  : YES
  •  250 funnels : YES
  • Page Importer : YES
  • Page and Funnel sharing YES
  • Full support : YES
  • Autoresponder integration: YES
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificate : YES
  • Domain DNS Management Tool : YES
  • Hosting Included in price :YES
  • Team Members :YES
  • Sub Accounts : NO 
  • Heatmaps : NO
  • Accelerated Pages : YES 
  • Layers : YES (like Photoshop)
  • Sell Products YES
  • Parallax Scrolling YES
  • Google Ads integration  NO
  • Build Mobile pages separately YES
  • Templates YES 200+
  •  Subscriptions : YES
  • One Click Upsells : YES

Instapage Monthly rate : $199 per month

Instapage Business package

  • A/B Split testing : YES
  •  Funnels : NO
  • Page Importer : NO
  • Page and Funnel Sharing : NO
  • Full support : YES
  • Autoresponder Integration: YES
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates : YES
  • Domain DNS Management Tool : NO
  • Hosting Included in price :YES
  • Team Members : NO
  • Sub Accounts : NO
  • Heatmaps : YES 
  • Accelerated Pages : NO 
  • Layers :NO 
  • Sell Products :NO
  • Parallax Scrolling :YES
  • Google Ads integration  NO
  • Build Mobile pages separately NO
  • Templates YES 200+
  • Subscriptions : NO
  • One Click Upsells : NO

Value For Money 

Convertri: Overall rating A+++

Value For Money

Instapage: Overall rating C-

Convertri in my opinion is considerably more cost effective and has many more features than Instapage . When I was using Instapage the price was cheaper than now so it made sense however the speed was always a concern. The price increase occurred I believe in 2019 and it is now one of the most expensive landing page building software on the market! You can read more about the software and it’s founder here

Personally for me I think it is too expensive

Which sales page builder has the best support?

Convertri Support A+++

The support at Convertri is excellent. Also the owners of the business (Neil and Andrew) both answer questions along with the support team via the facebook group.

It took a while for the support to improve and every now and then you need to give them a push but overall I am loving the support at Convertri.

Updated 2020 Can’t fault it still 10/10

convertri support good or bad

Instapage Support A

This is a tricky one. Personally I have not had any issues with Instapage so I can’t rate them low,  however that was a few years ago now. Roll forward to 2020  you don’t need to look too far to see that they have upset many people with both support and pricing and it makes for very bad reading.

Things have clearly changed since I used them last! Check out the reviews on the link below

Instapage Support Good Or Bad

Which landing page builder has the best features?

Wow this is a tough one as the list is so long and there are so many sales-focused tools and features in both products, so I have compared what I consider to be the important for lead generation and conversion optimisation.

Convertri Features A+++

Autoresponders Integrations: Convertri

Convertri has a unique system for adding integrations which works brilliantly and means you can add most autoresponders without an API Integration however they have no where as many as Instapage (reflected in the price)

Convertri is adding APIs and currently that is Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Active Campaign, Sendlane, Drip, Infusionsoft, Convertkit and more being added weekly.

Personally I just use the free convertri integration element which I find equally as fast and works awesome!

Web Hosting: Convertri

Convertri offer the best web hosting I have seen on the planet. It is included in the monthly fee and is very, very fast on mobile and desktop. They also have DNS domain control on your dashboard.

AB Split Testing: Convertri

This is included in their standard package for all sales funnels. Results are shown in the dashboard in a simple manner.

It is a simple to use inbuilt system and works brilliantly.

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: YES

Convertri has an API connection with Stripe built within the software which makes selling products a breeze.

At the time of writing this Paypal is weeks away from the final integration and will be added soon.

Ease of Use with Page Editor: Convertri

Convertri is a drag and drag free form editor which means you can drag any component anywhere you like on the page.

There is also an option to build pages using layers which means you can overlay some very flash things that look like a top developer has done them.

Mobile Pages: Convertri

Convertri gives you full control of mobile view, a big plus in my eyes. It allows elements to be seen or not seen on mobile and desktop which means you have 100% control of the mobile view. There is no “text editor” for mobile so what ever text you have on desktop is what shows, so if you want certain text or images shown on mobile only you just unselect “desktop” too easy !!

Upsells, down sells and so on

The Convertri feature of an Integrated shopping cart lets you create 1-click upsells, downsells and set up subscriptions, trials, and even use bump offers to get your funnels working effectively and producing sales. At the time of writing the cart was connected with Stripe but Paypal is being introduced shortly​

Media Storage

Converti host all image files with no limits, however video files are hosted off site (Amazon S3 or Youtube or Vimeo are recommended)

Two Step Opt Ins

Convertri has a brilliant system for creating one step or two step opt-ins which relies on the API integration of an autoresponder or manually using autoresponder code

After and In Content Opt-in Forms

When browsing content Convertri has the option of a”mouse over” or a “click” which can trigger a “layer” to respond.

The “layer” can be an opt in popup with form linked to your favourite autoresponder, or just a form

Navigate within IFrame

Convertri has a fantastic feature called “navigating within Iframe’ which means you can use your pages within software programmes such as Product Dyno so you can create pages within Convertri and then password protect them with Product Dyno. This is perfect for building “Intranets” for small to medium sized companies or a great way to share downloads and product news for Franchises

Top Bar Sales Tools: YES can be exit intent or timed

Instapage Features A

Autoresponders Integrations: Instapage

Instpage has way more integrations than Convertri such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Active Campaign, Sendlane, Drip, Infusionsoft, Convertkit Arp Reach, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Icontact, Kicktop, Mailerlite, Mail Poet, Mail Relay and more.

Instapage wins on this one at the time of writing

Web Hosting: Instapage

Instapage offers web hosting too however mobile is quite slow in comparison and not as fast as Convertri. Mobile speed is a biggie for me.

No DNS so you need to control from domain level

AB Split Testing: Instapage

Instapage has a good system for AB split testing

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: NO


At the time of writing Instapage does not have a shopping cart


Ease of Use with Page Editor: Instapage

Instapage editor is based on freeform blocks which are dragged into place. Brilliant


Mobile Pages: Instapage

Instapage has a separate mobile editor which is fully customizable. Very good.

Upsells, down sells and so on


Media Storage


Two Step Opt Ins

Not available at time of writing

After and In Content Opt-in Forms

Instapage has exit extent and popups


Navigate within IFrame

Not available

Top Bar Sales Tools: NO


Instapage have priced themselves out of the market in my opinion unless you are a large organisation with alot of money/


Convertri provides far better value and far better features and I recommend Convertri.

Get a free 14 day trial here

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