Convertri vs Leadpages

This page looks at  Converti versus Leadpages and while both are great sales funnel builder tools there are some fundamental differences in the features of each product. Read the review and learn why I recommend Convertri over Leadpages however your needs may be different to mine.

It’s  important to understand the differences between the two platforms however if you do online marketing then speed should be something you take seriously and having the fastest funnel builder is going to help your business. We look at this and a lot more as outlined below with a 100% unbiased review based on using both platforms

  1. Speed
  2. Ease of use
  3. Price
  4. Support
  5. Features

1. Is Leadpages faster than Convertri?

This is the most common question from online marketers when looking for funnel software.

Everybody wants fast landing pages and fast sales funnels. Click here to find out why fast loading web pages are essential for conversions

I have put both platforms through their paces below and we find out which is the quickest to load which is important if you are spending cash on paid ads looking for increased conversions.

To make an honest comparison I choose a Leadpages landing page that has a similar MB of content as a website which is hosted on Convertri.

I have tested the speed on Google speed test tool and also on GTMetrix so the comparison is fair. The results I am sure will surprise you.

GTMetrix Speed Test

Speed Test for Convertri Desktop

Overall rating A++

Speed Test for Leadpages Desktop

Overall rating B

Lets look at the Leadpage speed test summary first.


The test is done in January 2020. Notice the 125MB of data on the page and the fact that the site is on a Leadpages subdomain server so this means there is no propagation time from third party domain name.
Page Speed Score D (69%) . YSlowscore E(58%)

leadpages speed test

As you can see Leadpages is reasonable, but not great. It is certainly better than some other sales funnel and landing page builders out there, particularly the ones hosted on WordPress however the mobile test is below average.
By the way this is the page that we tested


The next test is also done in January 2020. Notice the 175MB of data on the page (bigger than the Leadpages test page) and this is on a propagated domain which in theory should be slightly slower. It also includes an embedded form which slows things down too.
Page Speed Score A (91%) . YSlowscore C(78%)

Convertri speed test

As you can see Convertri wins this speed test with superior loading times. Convertri has what is known as accelerated pages which means the mobile speed of Convertri is based on Google’s stripped down code which loads incredibly fast. It is no secret that Google likes fast loading sites and Convertri is very fast.

Lets try a Google Mobile Speed Test and see the results for the same sites.

As we all know mobile traffic is a large proportion of sales funnel traffic so choosing a funnel builder for your lead generation in 2020 means speed on mobile is mission critical. Your mobile version has to load fast. This is where Convertri’s accelerated page technology comes in to play as shown below.

Convertri Mobile Speed Test Google

Tested on


As you can see the Convertri page on Googles speed test gets a very favourable 81% . This could be improved by removing any embedded third party forms but for mobile sales funnels this is perfect. If I removed the contact form it would be on 98%

Leadpages Mobile Speed Test Google

Leadpages Mobile Speed Test Google

This is a very disappointing result with a 29% review and most likely could be improved by removing the youtube embedded video however it is too slow for a mobile sales funnel or landing lead generation page.

Mobile traffic is around 80% of online marketers traffic so fast loading times is critical.

2. Which Landing Page Builder Is The Easiest To Use?

To do any landing page builder review we have to look at the ease of use. Building solid landing pages helps grow sales and yield great results, but which is easiest to use?

To answer that question we first have to understand how editors work. 

Convertri is a Free form editor and Leadpages is a Blockform editor.

Both are very different and everyone has their preferences, however for me the Freeform editor is much easier to use as I can drag an element (image, text, HTML, block, etc) to anywhere on the page.

 A block form editor restricts the placement and provides location movement by the frustrating margin editors. After using free form editor it is very hard to go back to a block form editor

Convertri Editor and Ease Of Use : 


Convertri FREEFORM editor:
Drag any element, anywhere you like on the page as shown below and have elements on top of others if desired (as layers) .

Convertri free form editor benefits

As shown above with Convertri you can place any element on any part of the page and drag it into place where ever you like. This is true free form editing and one of the most popular reasons people buy Convertri apart from the amazing fast loading speed.

Other landing page builders like Leadpages, Click funnels, Unbounce, Elementor, Hubspot and Thrive landing pages are what we call block builders. The element has to fit with in a certain area of the page and other elements can not be dragged on top.

They either have to go to the side, top or bottom and there is  a limit on where these elements can be placed


Leadpages Editor and Ease of Use:  


Leadpages BLOCKFORM editor:
Drag any element, to a designated block on the page and only one element per block. Elements can go beside it, above it or underneath only which is quite limiting for design.

Leadpages Block Editor

Leadpages uses blockform technology for building landing pages and lead gen website pages. 


Blocks are content elements that you add to the edit screen to create content layouts. Each item you add to your post or page is a block a block for each segment of the page.

Blockform gives the user less control then free form and means you have to work within the confines.

Block form also means you can not create layers easily like you can with drag and drop system like Convertri


3. Which Is The Cheapest Landing Page Builder?

In this section we look at best value for money for online marketers and I believe the pro accounts serve this purpose very well so this is what I based the comparison review on.

Convertri Monthly rate: $58 per month

Convertri Pro package  

  • Split testing  : YES
  •  250 funnels : YES
  • Page Importer : YES
  • Full support : YES
  • Autoresponder integration: YES
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificate : YES
  • Domain DNS Management Tool : YES
  • Hosting Included in price :YES
  • Team Members :YES
  • Sub Accounts : NO 
  • A/B Split Testing : YES

Leadpages Monthly rate : $79 per month

Leadpages Pro package

  • Split testing : YES
  • 3 funnels : YES
  • Page Importer : NO
  • Full support : NO
  • Autoresponder Integration: YES
  • Unlimited Free SSL Certificates : NO
  • Domain DNS Management Tool : NO
  • Hosting Included in price :YES
  • Team Members : NO
  • Sub Accounts : NO
  • A/B Split Testing YES

4. Who has the best support

Convertri   A+++

The support at Convertri is excellent. Also the owners of the business (Neil and Andrew) both answer questions along with the support team via the facebook group or via the ticket system. They have now in 2020 a dedicated FB group support person called Martin who is excellent and instant responses if he is online.

Overall I am loving the support at Convertri.

Updated 2020 Can’t fault it 10/10

Leadpages  A+

Overall Leadpages support is good although the support is slower than Convertri.  So if it was faster at Leadpages I would rate it higher. Having said that the chat feature is good and responsive and fast so overall support is good.

5. Who has the best features?

Autoresponders Integrations: Convertri
Convertri has a unique system for adding integrations which works brilliantly and means you can add most autoresponders without an API.

Or use the built-in API integrations with all your favourite services means connecting your autoresponder and webinar account can be done in seconds such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Active Campaign, Sendlane,, Drip, Campaign Refinery, Infusionsoft, Market Hero, Convertkit and more being added weekly. 

Personally I just use the HTML element which I find equally as fast and will integrate with all autoresponders!

Web Hosting: Convertri

Convertri offer the best web hosting I have seen on the planet. It is included in the monthly fee and is very, very fast on mobile and desktop.

AB Split Testing: Convertri

This is included in their standard package for all sales funnels. Results are shown in the dashboard in a simple manner. 

It is a simple to use inbuilt system and works brilliantly.

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: YES

Convertri has an API connection with Stripe and Paypal built within the software which makes selling products a breeze.

Ease of Use with Page Editor: Convertri

Convertri is a drag and drag free form editor which means you can drag any component anywhere you like on the page. 

There is also an option to build pages using layers which means you can overlay some very flash things that look like a top developer has done them.

Mobile Pages: Convertri 

Convertri gives you full control of mobile view, a big plus in my eyes. It allows elements to be seen or not seen on mobile and desktop which means you have 100% control of the mobile view. There is no “text editor” for mobile so what ever text you have on desktop is what shows, so if you want certain text or images shown on mobile only you just unselect “desktop” too easy !!

Upsells, down sells and so on

The Convertri feature of an Integrated shopping cart lets you create 1-click upsells, downsells and set up subscriptions, trials, and even use bump offers to get your funnels working effectively and producing sales. At the time of wrting the cart was connected with Stripe but Paypal is being introduced shortly

Media Storage

Converti host all image files with no limits, however video files are hosted off site (Amazon S3 or Youtube or Vimeo are recommended)

Two Step Opt Ins

Convertri has a brilliant system for creating one step or two step optins which relies on the API integration of an autoresponder or manually using autoresponder code

After and In Content Opt-in Forms

When browsing content Convertri has the option of  a”mouse over” or a “click” which can trigger a “layer” to respond. 

The “layer” can be an opt in popup with form linked to your favourite autoresponder, or just a form

Navigate within IFrame

Convertri has a fantastic feature called “navigating within Iframe’ which means you can use your pages within software programmes such as Product Dyno so you can create pages within Convertri and then password protect them with Product Dyno. This is perfect for building “Intranets” for small to medium sized companies or a great way to share downloads and product news for Franchises


Top Bar Sales Tools: YES can be exit intent or timed.

Autoresponders Integrations: Leadpages

Leadpages has more integrations than Convertri such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Active Campaign, Sendlane, Drip, Infusionsoft, Convertkit Arp Reach, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Icontact, Kicktopp, Mailerlite, Mail Poet, Mail Relay and more.

Web Hosting: Leadpages

Leadpages offers web hosting too however mobile is quite slow in comparison and not as fast as Convertri. Mobile is a biggie for me

AB Split Testing: Leadpages

Currently only offered in Premium packages and is a simple yet effective split testing system

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: YES

Leadpages integrates with Stripe as well

Ease of Use with Page Editor: Leadpages

Leadpages editor is based on element blocks which are dragged into place but are restricted on the page of where they can go due to built in page width code. This can make building a page very frustrating. I have also found the Lead pages drag and drop editor a bit buggy at times

Mobile Pages: Leadpages

Leadpages does not have a separate mobile editor which can be a right pain in the backside. The mobile view is automated by Lead pages and can be great some times or not great at other times.. There are some element adjusters that have limited abilities to move content up and down, or side to side but this usually ends up screwing up another part of the layout on desktop for me.

The main frustration for me is the mobile menu icon which takes up too much room and wastes a lot of space in prime real estate at the top of the page in mobile view.

Upsells, down sells and so on


Media Storage


Two Step Opt Ins

Not available at time of writing

After and In Content Opt-in Forms

Leadpages has exit extent and popups

Navigate within IFrame

Not available

Top Bar Sales Tools: NO

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