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I have discovered a very simple way to make money with Artificial Intelligence Copywriting.

I like this technique because it is:

A: Easy to do
B: Doesn’t require a lot of contact with the client
C: Is far more profitable than just writing content for someone’s blog. ($3500 in one week)
D: All copy is generated from AI with one click of a button. I just arrange it on the pages.
E: The client sees real value in the output because they see it as an asset for their business.

This is the tool I currently use

This is a great money spinner whereby you build websites easily and onsell them in the same week for thousands of dollars.

This is the exact simple business model I am using currently and I have sold two websites this week and generated $3500 of income from 1-2 hours of work.

There is a way to automate website content by using AI copywriting software (artificial intelligence copywriting) and then onsell that in the same week for thousands of dollars.

Step One. Build a WordPress website that’s sole purpose in life is to provide strong backlinks to a client’s website.  This is such a simple sell for business owners who are doing SEO with the main benefit being it is an asset for the business.

We have seen huge improvements in rankings using this simple technique of building sites containing AI generated content (some of the sites actually end up ranking and generating leads)

Using AI software is a simple concept and very lucrative.

A lot of business owners are looking to improve SEO and require strong backlinks to boost their websites strength.

This helps with their rankings and the overall strengthening of their web assets.

We simply find them powerful old domain names (more on that below) and build the website in WordPress and populate the content using AI.  Easy as !!

I show you live below in the video how to do it but essentially you can presell these websites to your clients or new clients and they love them because they have complete control, the sites build power over time, and a few of my clients have got excellent leads from what we call the “feeder” site. All this using an incredible ai copywriting tool.

For keyword research, I am using this tool  (get a 14-day free trial).
The tool is excellent for finding some low competition keywords and has replaced AHREFS for me as it is 1/4 of the price. The support is excellent and I love it.

Finding low competition keywords and powerful domain names

Next, you will research low competition keywords and then buy an aged domain name that is expired and has some existing credibility.
There are some very valuable domain names that come up for sale. Recently I was able to buy a domain name for $20US that not only has strong backlinks but has 20 years of history all relating to the category we are in.  I was able to glean some very good unique content from the site also using

The video below shows the process

You will then set up a very simple WordPress site on the fastest hosting on the planet and create some ai copywriting content, place it on a web page and research using this SEO tool to get a 100% optimization score before publishing.

Your blog posts will eventually rank in Google for multiple keywords and the site will get stronger over time. You may get traffic too fast if you bought a great domain name.

This is another tool I use that crawls the top 20 sites that rank for your desired keywords and then gives you a content writer that is being scored for optimisation as you write it. Invaluable in my opinion. Click here for a trial

How to earn money as a copywriter using ai?

I have been writing content for websites since 1998. Prior to digital, I used to write sales letters that were delivered into letterboxes. YIKES! I am feeling old.

To produce content by hand is very time consuming and it does not always pay dividends with ranking factors, particularly if there is no clear strategy behind it. Using ai copywriting software just makes sense.

Today we copywriters have the best tools on the planet and compared with 1998 when I got started, it is like discovering gold all over again.

The software that has been most useful for me is the combination of an SEO tool and an AI tool.

These are the tools I am using

  1. Best AI copywriting software on the planet
  2. Best low competition keyword finding tool

Using artificial intelligence copywriting software, a simple WordPress website and SEO software and a few free tools will be all you need to create a business empire, all from the convenience of your home.
No staff needed, no offices, no huge outlay for other assets that are associated with starting a business.

Ai Copywriting tools have been around for a while but there have been some advancements in the last year, in fact, some massive advancements as I am about to show you.

Using a very simple marketing strategy I can still run my consulting practice business and generate income using ai copywriting at the same time.

And it is a simple business, anybody can do this.

I promise you if you read this whole article you will experience an “I get it” moment and also a big “Aha” moment as things fall into place.

I suffer from Copywriters block. Help!

Don’t worry about copywriters block (also known as writer’s block) as the ai copywriting tool will do all the heavy lifting for you. I am going to show you how you can write content with complete writers block. Easy

Here is how.

Enter your overview category

I.e kayak fishing.

The tools will create an outline for you with suggested topics.

No more writers block as you have 100’s of ideas for content.

The using ai to write content your article will be written for you. .

You can do your own copywriting as well or just use ai copywriting 100%, it’s your choice. If you want to know how to make money blogging with ai then this is the best way I know.

I show you a tool that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) which the artificial intelligence engineers have done a fantastic job on. No wonder it’s going nuts on Social media.

“NLP helps computers measure sentiment and determine which parts of human language are important.”

The choice then is to keep the website for passive income or flip the website for profit.

I will show you the exact procedure but before that let’s look at something I feel is critically important for copywriters.

Googles recent update and how that affects artificial intelligence and your content.

With the recent algorithm updates from Google, if you are writing content you need to take into consideration the searchers intent.

If you take one thing away from today then please take away that intention is one of the most important aspects of ranking in the top 10 of Google today.

The search engines are excellent at understanding search intent from their own machine learning bots.

In fact, you will notice that the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) can often have multiple varied results as Google tries to work out the intention of the search for you.

As human copywriters, we do not know search intent so this is why having copywriting software like this is so important.

What is AI copywriting?

Ai copywriting uses artificial intelligence to help create blog posts that rank in Google’s top ten search results. I use a combination of tools (shown below and some are free ) to achieve this and there is a live demo on the video at the bottom of the article. The quality is outstanding and you can be creative, professional, witty, serious, or whatever tone you need for the content you are writing.

The ai tool can write the whole content or assist you depending on what you want to do and what industry you are serving.

How do we know the ai generated articles will rank in Google

To answer that question we use an integrated SEO tool (NOT AHREFS) to dovetail with the copyrighting tools and get the low hanging fruit and the strategy to make the article rank.

The SEO tool uses an API to integrate with the ai copywriting tool to form a powerful content creation tool to help you laser target your audience and increase conversion.

SEO Tool Free 7 day trial Click here

Copywriting Automation Tool (Get 10,000 Free Credits when you join through my link) Not available to the general public

Integrated SEO Tool to optimise content

Dropped Valuable Domain Names Free to use

How do you know what the search intent is from the Google user?

Put simply we don’t, however, this is where copywriting tools come into play and why the AI copywriting software I am using is trained to understand the intent of the searcher and help you match the mood with your content.

You can watch a video here about the tool and how it works ?????

This can be done on a landing page or in blog articles and is something human copywriters can not achieve easily unless they have read 10-20% of the internet. Yea right!

Artificial intelligence or ai generated copy is a way of making sure that your ai copywriting and content is relevant to what the user wants!

Who would have thought that machine learning could come so far so fast?

Copywriters can use ai copywriting software for content creation (long-form article writing), product descriptions, facebook posts, facebook ads, facebook profiles, professional landing pages, google ads, landing page for CPA, Linkedin ads, social media posts, sales copy, product description, ad copy, content outlines, SEO meta tags, headlines that create attention and desire, social media hashtags, social media headlines, social media descriptions, plus 20-30 other services including songwriting!

In fact, a well known social media marketer showed how she does 3 months of planning for her posts using this tool in just 3 hours.

Click here to view that one 

There are unlimited uses for ai copywriting but today we will focus on content creation using the ai tools.

What are the downsides to ai copywriting software?

I have to say at this point that results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. I might have just been lucky and my topics, content or article may have resonated with people and yours may not, however, I can say that the biggest hurdle you will face is getting distracted by the possibilities of ai and then getting overwhelmed then doing nothing.

Focus is the key, particularly in this business and the expenses in setting up, are minimal so get stuck in and you will succeed. I have used alot of the free ai copywriting tools and my advice is don’t waste your time. They are beyond useless.

After all, a lot of you are writing content already that is not producing income so nothing ventured nothing gained I say!

Then sell the site or use it yourself as an affiliate or for Google adsense.

You can do this in one day and create multiple assets.

The simple business model works and it is no more complicated than that.

Final thoughts.

Will AI take over copywriting? Become a prompt guru and you will be fine.

Can AI replace content writers? As Above

What is the future of copywriting? Humans need to be involved