Paperform Form Builder Review 2021

Paperform Review 2021

I do lead generation and I love Paperform for the following reasons.

1. You can try it free here for 14 days with no credit card

2. Every enquiry gets through to the client (no exceptions in 4 years of using it)

3. The support at Paperform is first class. I can get answers quick to any question I have via chat 

4. I can see if my forms are working well with the analytics and make changes where people are dropping off.

Here is my Paperform review 

I have used Paperform since it came out in 2016. I use the software daily in my lead generation business and I would rate the form builder software as one of the best tools in my armoury due to the reliability, ease of use and the innovation.

The programme is very intelligent and the list of features is extensive. 

Here are a few of my favourites.
Paperform has the following

* A payment gateway
* Ability to add video to your webform
* Fully optional background
* Booking Calendar
* Full analytics (such a useful tool to see how your forms are performing)
* API connections to multiple platform including Google Sheets
* Pixel options 

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