The best fitness coaching app in 2021 and beyond.

Thousands of people are making huge passive incomes selling their knowledge as fitness trainers. However, why is it, that 96% of online training coaches make less than $100 per month? Today we show a solution that is crushing it and it uses the best fitness coaching app.  The technology is new and it’s exciting. But first, let’s see why it’s important to use an app rather than a traditional training course that a lot of personal trainers use.

Approximately 96% of people who buy courses never complete them*

54% approximately of people who buy online courses don’t even log in*


For the course creators, this is soul-destroying as build a traditional course is time-consuming and a lot of work.

Having people who don’t love the way your content is presented can be hard to take. Note the way I said “the way your content is presented” not they don’t like your content

It also means your income is limited and the $10,000 PM dream of selling your products and services is so much harder than you first thought.

So what is the solution to selling your expertise online successfully?

The solution is to use the latest technology that is guaranteed to engage your audience and turn them into raving fans. Check it out below



The most popular alternative is building a Facebook Group and engaging with people there. WRONG!

Facebook Groups are a great place to have people connecting and engaging however monetizing a Facebook group means additional resources such as landing pages and payment gateways plus Facebook has multiple other distractions that are all fighting for your audiences attention. Messenger, Notifications etc.

If you are anything like me I have the attention span of a gnat on Facebook. Notifications pop up and so do messengers and my attention is gone.

Another consideration with Facebook groups is content is pushed down the news feed and the tabs with other resources are often very confusing for the members and confusing for the admins of the group.

The most common complaint in Facebook groups is “I didn’t know where to look for that” or “I can’t find that content, I spent so long looking I gave up”




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