Thrive versus Convertri

The ultimate side by side showdown


I should start the article by saying that I am biased towards Convertri.

I have only had bad experiences with Thrive plugins and Thrive WordPress Themes over recent years and I explain the issues in my review below. Some of the features of Thrive products are well intended and it does have a lot of loyal wordpress users who like it however in my opinion it is clunky, buggy and outdated now and too frustrating to use. I would not recommend it.

Converti versus Thrive.

I am going to go through the features side by side but also explain my experiences with Thrive Architect as a company throughout this comparison and review of both funnel builders. 

Before we begin, please keep in mind that THRIVE has many products to do different things whereas Convertri has everything in one place, so throughout the comparison I will be referring to the different plugins available for WordPress from Thrive which are all charged individually.

I try to be as honest as I can about both products, if they deserve a bashing then I deliver it, if they deserve a compliment I deliver it….

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How I FEEL about Convertri Versus Thrive Architect software

Convertri Landing Page Builder

Overall feeling A+++

Not sure if you know what it is like to have feelings for a bit of software, sounds a bit weird really but if I don’t feel great about the product I am using, I can’t really do my job and be happy at the same time, and that’s not good for anybody.

Bad feelings come from all the little things that happen every day, the little bugs that go unfixed or are fixed quickly, the contact you have with support team that helps you so much you feel teary!! 

Its important to me and I make a lot of judgement calls based on how I feel about a person or a product, and this product has served me well coming into the 5th year.

I love Convertri. There is so much to love. Everything is under one bonnet, no plugins to update, no security hassles, no wordpress spam bots, no website “breakages” through plugin updates, no bugs.

Convertri is just awesome!

The team at Convertri are very special people (Particularly Andrew Fletcher and Neil Morton) who go out of their way every day to satisfy their clients.

Nothing is too much trouble for them and they are truly dedicated to making Convertri the best web page builder software on the planet.

Their support style is to always be open and transparent. If they have made a mistake they admit it and fix it. It’s awesome to see such transparency in software developers .

In fact I have never seen such transparency with developers ever. The Convertri Facebook group is very active and you can learn alot from some of the group members who are willing to share their wisdom and experience.


The menu option is added to a page manually and there is no checkbox to place it globally on every page (like wordpress as example) so if you are building a traditional website all updates to menu must be done manually. There are some work around for this i.e adding an Iframe to each page but it can be a pain. *Updates on the way apparently

Thrive Architect Landing Page Builder

Overall feeling C-

Thrive Themes have a lot of products, some that seem very similar in fact and they are all charged separately which means it can get expensive. 

The direct comparison below is based on Thrive Architect so this is what the review is based on. 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out the differences between their plugins. There is Thrive Leads, Thrive Landing Pages, Thrive Architect, Headline Optimiser, Thrive Widgets Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Optimize, and more. 

Are they serious? So many to maintain, update and try to learn. 


Couple that with confusing UX on the plugins and you have the perfect storm (IMHO)


Thrive have a support forum that costs $40 per year (first year free) 

I don’t really like paying for support if I am honest, as the times I need it is due to faults within the software, and nothing that I have done.


Bugs not fixed
When reporting bugs on the help desk the team often blame other plugins on WordPress which is an easy way to say its not their fault and they can’t be bothered looking at it.

Its very annoying and as shown below in the video there is a bug still present that I reported over a year ago and still not fixed.

Support Response Time : Painfully slow and usually vague responses

Thrive Plugin Updates Break things
Thrive products are ALL installed on WordPress so you do your own hosting basically and maintain your site. The plugins are updated regularly so you need to update yours too. This involves logging in to all your sites and updating the Thrive Theme and the Plugins manually.

Updates can be annoying  when they break things on your your site (which happens to me frequently)

Last week I had to reload all images on a landing page as they disappeared after the last update.

Buying Experience

I love buying landing page builder and sales funnel software, a habit I have had to reign in this year so I can focus 100% on my business 🙂 and with Convertri I don’t need other bits of software, so that has helped with my addiction 🙂

Convertri A+++

Monthly rate: $53 to $199 per month

PS Click here for pricing to suit you

As you can see having everything under the one hood is a bit easier to use and make a decision on.

The pricing will vary if you are an agency or just a small business looking to build one site. You can upgrade at any time too.

Instant signup and your account will be set up for you in a few hours.

No fast tracking with Convertri. (Not needed in my opinion as the training is excellent.
Very relaxed environment
14 day trial Click here to trial
Free SSL Certificate
Hosting Included in price
Great Tutorial Videos
Very active Facebook Members Group
Setup is very easy. Takes 5 minutes

Thrive Architect C-
Monthly rate : For all products from $30 if you pay a year in one lump sum or click here for the special rate

Thrive Leads $67 for one site or $19 per month paying annually for multiple sites

Thrive Architect $67 for one site or $19 per month paying annually for multiple sites

Thrive Landing Pages $67 for one site or $19 per month paying annually for multiple sites

Instant signup and your account will be set up for you in a few hours.

Access to Thrive University if you want some advanced training

Very corporate environment
No trial but offer a money back warranty within 30 days
No SSL Certificate
No hosting offered
Great Tutorial Videos
No Facebook Members Group
No Discounts
Setup is very easy (Plugins on WordPress)
A lot of products to choose from which is confusing and the reason for my B score

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Autoresponders Integrations: Convertri
Convetri has a unique system for adding forms which works brilliantly and means you can add any autoresponder with out an API Integration.
Convertri is adding  APIs and currently that is Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Active Campaign, Sendlane, Drip, Infusionsoft, Convertkit and more being added weekly. 
Personally I just use the HTML element which I find equally as fast!

Web Hosting: Convertri
Convertri offer the best web hosting I have seen on the planet. It is included in the monthly fee and is very, very fast on mobile and desktop.

AB Split Testing: Convertri
This is included in their standard package for all sales funnels. Results are shown in the dashboard in a simple manner. 
It is a simple to use inbuilt system and works brilliantly. The only downside is Convertri retains data once the winning page is selected which means the other pages data is lost.

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: YES
Convertri has an API connection with Stripe built within the software which makes selling products a breeze.
At the time of writing this Paypal is weeks away from the final integration and will be added soon.

Ease of Use with Page Editor: Convertri
Convertri is a drag and drag free form editor which means you can drag any component anywhere you like on the page. 
There is also an option to build pages using layers which means you can overlay some very flash things that look like a top developer has done them.

Mobile Pages: Convertri 
Convertri gives you full control of mobile view, a big plus in my eyes. It allows elements to be seen or not seen on mobile and desktop which means you have 100% control of the mobile view. There is no “text editor” for mobile so what ever text you have on desktop is what shows, so if you want certain text or images shown on mobile only you just unselect “desktop” too easy !!

Upsells, down sells and so on
The Convertri feature of an Integrated shopping cart lets you create 1-click upsells, downsells and set up subscriptions, trials, and even use bump offers to get your funnels working effectively and producing sales. At the time of wrting the cart was connected with Stripe but Paypal is being introduced shortly
Media Storage
Converti host all image files with no limits, however video files are hosted off site (Amazon S3 or Youtube or Vimeo are recommended)

Two Step Opt Ins
Convertri has a brilliant system for creating one step or two step optins which relies on the API integration of an autoresponder or manually using autoresponder code
After and In Content Opt-in Forms
When browsing content Convertri has the option of  a”mouse over” or a “click” which can trigger a “layer” to respond. 
The “layer” can be an opt in popup with form linked to your favourite autoresponder, or just a form

Navigate within IFrame
Convertri has a fantastic feature called “navigating within Iframe’ which means you can use your pages within software programmes such as Product Dyno so you can create pages within Convertri and then password protect them with Product Dyno. This is perfect for building “Intranets” for small to medium sized companies or a great way to share downloads and product news for Franchise

Autoresponders Integrations: Thrive

Thrive relies on APIs to integrate with Autoresponder companies and they have many set up Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Active Campaign, Sendlane, Drip, Infusionsoft, Convertkit Arp Reach, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Icontact, Kicktopp, Mailerlite, Mail Poet, Mail Relay and more.

​Web Hosting: Thrive

Thrive currently only offer plugins and themes to integrate with WordPress, their is no online hosting of content

AB Split Testing: Thrive

Currently only offered on Thrive Leads and this needs to be integrated with Thrive Architect to enable the other lightbox features and exit intents page templates etc. At the time of writing they have released Thrive Optimise which is for integrating with Thrive Architect…confused??

I sure am, so many different plugins that cross over

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: NO

Thrive relies on third party gateway plugins for taking payments. This has many issues particularly around notifications which are generated on the host server.

Ease of Use with Page Editor: Thrive

Thrive’s editor is based on element blocks which are dragged into place but are restricted on the page of where they can go due to built in page width code. This can make building a page very frustrating. I have also found the Thrive Architect plugin to be quite buggy in the editor.

Mobile Pages: Thrive

Thrive does not have a separate mobile editor which can be a right pain in the backside. The mobile view is automated by Thrive and can be great some times or not great. There are some element adjusters that have limited abilities to move content up and down, or side to side but this usually ends up screwing up another part of the layout on desktop for me.

The main frustration for me is the mobile menu icon which takes up too much room and wastes a lot of space in prime real estate at the top of the page in mobile view.

Upsells, down sells and so on

Not available at this stage and a third party plugin is recommended. No On-Page Payment System Integration available

Media Storage

No storage offered as Thrive do not host anything

Two Step Opt Ins

Thrive also has a brilliant system for creating one step or two step optins which is down via their Lightbox system and a easy to do integration with your autoresponder.

After and In Content Opt-in Forms

Thrive Themes and Thrive Plugins use a “lightbox” system for creating optin forms and timer based forms. While the system works well if you create a lightbox from the main menu, creating the same within the page, leads to alot of frustration as the page does not recognise the url Argh!!

Navigate within IFrame

There is no ability to use this feature as Thrive is a self hosted product unlike Convertri which is hosted on their servers (Which are very fast)


This is easy. I don’t recommend Thrive Themes or their plugins. 

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