What is best Linkedin Autoresponder?

If you are in the B2B market and looking to grow your business, networking can often be the best way to find a target audience and generate business leads and clients. 

However attending networking events is not always possible and particularly with the pandemic sweeping the world it makes sense to look for alternatives.

What better way to grow your business than using Linkedin lead generation. So What is the best LinkedIn automation tool?

What is the best (and the cheapest) Linkedin Automation tool  to use to take away the manual labour of connecting with like minded people?

Having a Linkedin lead automation tool can really pay dividends if used correctly and in this article I will share some tips on how you can use a cloud based LinkedIn autoresponder tool to grow your business and gain new clients without upsetting or spamming people

Firstly I think its important to distinguish the differences between a Cloud based LinkedIn automation tool and a browser based LinkedIn automation tool. 

There is a big difference.

What is a Cloud Based Linkedin Automation Tool?
Cloud based means you are storing your results including connections, messages, and more on the software companies servers, i.e in the cloud.

Meaning you can sign in and access it anywhere in the world using any computer.

What is a browser based LinkedIn connection tool?
Browser based tools  mean it is an extension added to Chrome which relies solely on your computer to store the data.
The downside of this is if your computer has a melt down you lose all your data. No good! 

As far as LinkedIn automation tools go I prefer to pay the extra and use a cloud based LinkedIn lead generator tool.

LinkedIn automation tool
Linkedin automation tool after one day

What is a LinkedIn Auto Responder?
A Linkedin autoresponder is a tool designed to help remove the laborious manual part of connecting on LinkedIn.
The tool can take care of the connection requests and engage with potential clients for the first connection (see below for some tips on what that message should look like).

A Linkedin autoresponder can also interact with people using keyword triggers. The software uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Linkedin Business tool (also known as Linkedin Premium) to look at best LinkedIn profiles and determine your target market.

Personally I like using the autoresponder tool for the first connection and as an autoresponder thanking someone when they connect with you, however from then on I always answer any questions manually.

Shown below is a brand new campaign using this Linkedin Automation software and these results are after one day of running the tool. Sending a connection request in the correct manner works as you can see. As you can see the navigation is super simple.

How to use a LinkedIn automation tools to get new clients.

Before doing anything you need to set up the foundation properly. 

Step OneLinkedin Profile Title

Write an engaging LinkedIn Profile headline that tells people exactly what you do and what you can do for their business. First lets look at what NOT to do!


Linkedin Autoresponder-1

The above profile with the headline “Passion for Digital Transformation” does not clearly tell people what the owner does and what they can do for your business. It is broad in meaning and could relate to Digital Marketing, Digital Screens, or Digital Cameras.

You have 3 seconds to gain someones interest so why not tell them what you do and the benefits to their business?

Below is my profile headline and hopefully you know straight away what I do and how it can help you potentially.

LinkedIn Automation Software

Step Two: Write a brilliant profile description.
Write an engaging profile description with an interesting story about yourself, a soft sell and a reason for people to contact you.

Make sure you use all the allocated 2000 character count as part of your marketing strategy and be sure to give something away in exchange for someones time or contact details. 

LinkedIn lead generation tool

Step Three. Don’t be a Dick when using LinkedIn!

Being a spammy and “try to sell to everybody sort of guy/gal” does not work. It is so transparent and just does not work. It will tarnish your reputation in no time. 

No one likes a spammer on Linkedin. You get picked out very quickly as having no credibility and you won’t get business.  It gives a bad name to LinkedIn automation too!

best linkedin automation software

Once the foundation is in place it is time to start connecting with people in your target market. There are several ways to do this 

Here is how I use the Linkedin prospecting tool that works in conjunction with LinkedIn Premium (also works with the free Linkedin account but there are restrictions on the number of people you can connect with) and make great connections and relationships. If you have sales navigator then that is even better as sales Navigator has a more advanced search function.

Personally I love automation tools as long as they are used correctly. Other automation tools like chat bots etc can work well also if they are used correctly. 


Next you need to set up your connection requests.

Linkedin Connection Message
Step One. Use this as a Connection message.
Hi [FIRST_NAME] I am XXXX based in XXX and looking to expand my network. Would love to Linkin with you.  Thanks XXXXX

Step Two. Use the autoresponder feature to automatically reply to the connection with this 

Thanks for connecting. Great to be LinkedIn with you!

Cheers XXXX

In Summary.

If you don’t have an email address then using LinkedIn inmail is the next best thing. Simply set the software to find the right profile views, send a connection request and before long you will have a list of prospects that you can educate over time, on what benefits they will receive from your expertise and knowledge.

Don’t try and sell to the prospects in the first instance. Instead have interaction and conversations with your prospects and make sure they have purpose. This will please everyone!.

If you have history of being pushy then now is the time to change. You will achieve more success this way.

Go into this experiment with the correct mindset and you will increase your productivity 10 fold.

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