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What is WriterZen?

Writerzen is easy to use, efficient and accurate SEO-optimized content writing software tool that helps a content creator discover low competition keyword ideas, uncover valuable keyword entities via topic discovery, and write SEO optimized content to rank in Google. It is used by content creators personally or as an outline tool for outsourcing content creation. Writerzen will also help you analyse competing websites and see how they are using headlines, meta-tags, images, keyword entities to give you confidence for writing and ranking your articles and main pages for relevant keywords.

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I use and love this tool daily which is why I am doing a Writerzen review today.

The article below is detailed and feel free to skip to any section however below I have given pros and cons from my standpoint as a content creator.

Writerzen Review Pros
1. Identifies low competition keywords using 2 methods
This is done via two checkboxes that you can choose to use in the keyword explore. One is “All-In-Title” meaning how many pages on the internet are using that specific keyword in their meta tag title and the second is the Writerzen algorithm which uses a formula to decide low competition keywords. KGR = Allintitle / SearchVol x ClassRatio, Both are very good for finding opportunities.

2. The Topic discovery component of Writerzen gives you an insider view of keyword entities and keyword clusters to help with additional related content creating.
The Topic discovery tool is essential for every content creator to help to determine your main topics and subtopics. This is a very powerful tool as it helps the content creator decide the topics and articles that need to be written based on relevance, topic search volume and the specific keyword data to focus on.

3. The search tools are not restricted to a country like 99% of research tools. Choose country or global (Love this)
Most SEO tools only allow you to choose a country for your main keyword and that narrows your opportunities. Writerzen lets you look globally at content and keywords.

4. Excellent tutorials and responsive Facebook group for support and knowledge sharing

Fantastic Writerzen community and support from the team via a facebook group

5. Up to 70% cheaper than other tools out there.
Not only is it cheaper but it has way more features that are easy to use and understand.
See our pricing section down below.

Writerzen Review Cons
1. You still need another SEO tool for tracking keyword data positions and backlinks for competitors. I use and recommend this tool
This is not a big deal as the tool is not designed as a tracking tool and is best suited as a content writing tool.

Our Writerzen software review covers the 4 components found in this innovative SEO tool and these are as follows. Some might say that my Writerzen Review should be in a different order however I am listing the dashboard components in the order they are shown within Writerzen dashboard as shown below.

Guys that is it, seriously, I don’t have any other cons as I can’t fault this tool, it is truly the best software for my purposes of writing and ranking content.

Writerzen Dashboard. How to use Writerzen

1. Writerzen Topic Discovery (keyword cluster)
2. Writerzen Content Creator (article editor with a turbo!)
3. Writerzen Keyword Explorer (Best keyword tool for finding low competition keywords)
4. Writerzen Plagiarism checker Tool
(Very good plagiarism checker tool)

The tool is so simple to use as there are 4 main components to it (5 if you count the AI writer)

Writerzen dashboard


1. WriterZen Topic Discovery

Jets get started with the topic discovery module which crawls the top 100 competitors for your seed keyword entered and using Writerzens own algorithm, provides a condensed view of associated topics, relevancy in relation to your specific keyword, headlines used in the competitors content, Google suggest insights i.e questions, propositions and comparisons and the ability to add the headlines to a list for reference the content creator module of the software tool.

From here I can glean some terms and questions the target audience is asking and use those terms in my content.

The topic discovery can be a very helpful part of understanding keyword clusters and help you strengthen your keyword list. The Topic discovery tool comes with very generous allowances which means you don’t need to worry about using up your credits when researching. The software is very fast to propagate and will deliver some golden nuggets for your topic of choice.

keyword clusters tool

2. Writerzen Content Creator

The content creator is an amazing tool for analysing a keyword and getting all the competitors data required to help you make sensible data driven decisions with your content. Writerzen will go out and crawl the top 20 websites in the country you are targeting, or you can choose globally and look worldwide. The SEO software will come back with all the critical data you need to help you write content that will please Google, get you ranking and also entertain and engage your readers. As shown below the tool has 3 components showing in the content creation module.

A. Content Outline to use.

The first tab helps you create a content outline and gives you a synopsis of the keyword as shown. You have the ability to exclude a domain such as Amazon as an example, and also gives you a feel for what content is ranking already. Is it pages of a website or articles. In the case shown below the SERP (search engine ranking positions) are 45% articles so you know that both styles will most likely work however it’s worth noting that the keyword research tool will provide you with the True Rankings i.e the Google Maps, people also ask etc and this is worth noting prior to creating your content.
When you first enter your main keyword the tool goes off and audits the top 20 websites ranking in Google for the specific search term. It analyses the Titles, Descriptions, Headings, and word count. You can click on any of the ranking websites and see how they are using keyword ideas in their meta tags and click on the text to copy the content onto your account for reference when writing your articles later on. This is similar to the keywords list in module one.

The idea is not to steal their copy but to get a feel for what Google sees as important so you can write your own unique meta tags featuring the important keywords.

content outline

As shown below if you click on the website the page expands with more details around the H1, H2 meta tags , titles and descriptions for referencing

B. Keywords to Include

The next column is keywords to include and this is where Writerzen will analyse the website content and using its amazing algorithm determine which keywords are vital to have on the page.

It provides the keyword, the general usage of the keyword, (headings and body content) The usage of the keyword recommended by the software algorithm and the relevance to the main topic. All these columns have the ability to be sorted by volume and of course the ability to tick the keyword and add it to a list or group for future reference.


There is also a column for “opportunity keywords” and this has other ideas which can be added to your list by click on and when you do the item will be highlighted so you know it has been included in your content keywords.

C. Content Writing

The content writing section is a WYSISWG editor where you can create your content and use all the other components discussed to ensure your content is SEO optimised in the best possible way. The keyword lists can be imported and Writerzen will display the keywords selected by their algorithm (and any you have added from the first suggestions also) inside of the content writing tool.  On the right-hand side of the content writing tool are the suggested keywords with usage count for your copy and as these are added the box next to the word with the word count will slowly change colour until it turns green. Once green you have met Writerzens algorithm requirements and you are good to go.

Included in the content writing section is a list of the competitors with their total keywords and examples of each title and description, headings and current ranking position.

Shown beside that is a questions section that has commonly asked keyword questions from Google (people also ask) and Reddit. This also is super useful to ensure your copy covers these queries which will help with that golden ratio” when you write content.


And lastly, the tool has a “Problems” dropdown which identifies the missing components in your article in one synopsis.

Writerzen have now added NLP via AI to the tool and this is Natural language processing which uses artificial intelligence to understand and analyze the interactions between humans and computers and in particular the language and associated keyword entities used to describe a topic. The sentiment is also analyzed for the articles as well as individual keywords.

3. Writerzen Keyword Explorer.

The keyword explorer is 7-10 times cheaper than any other tool out there and has some features that make it world class.
The allowances are so generous that you can give this tool a very good workout without worrying about your keyword allowances.

Some of the features I like is the ability to find low competition keywords for a country or globally and use the two options to determine if the keyword is low competition or not.

The first is “ALLINTITLE” and the second is “KGR”. ALLINTITLE determines how many websites have the keywords or phrases in the title of their pages and this can be sorted from high competition to low competition. You can then add a filter for determining a minimum search volume and as shown you will find some keywords that are worth chasing for ranking your website on the front page of Google.

The competitive seo keyword tool in writerzen

With the recent add on of SENTIMENT and NLP via Googles AI you now have a powerhouse of data for finding keywords for your content and the ability to ascertain the sentiment and competitive nature of the keyword.

UX and UI . What is WriterZen like to use?

Writerzen has an excellent editor with thoughtful UI (layout, design, colours etc) and an excellent UX (overall user experience on the platform)

The team at Writerzen have put a lot of effort into tutorials for their users, webinars for the users and of course the UX and UI of the SEO tool.
Writerzen is very easy to use and the helpful popups next to menu options are short videos showing how to do the thing relating to the menu link if it is unclear. The video averages about 6 minutes so they are easy to consume and explain in detail the tutorial for that part of the platform.

The wait times on the software loading as the tool goes out and crawls the top 100 sites is very acceptable and to date I have had no issues with loading speeds.

Writerzen Pricing. Is it reasonable?

The short answer is yes. Writerzen is very generous with the allowances on the base package and feedback is the tool has plenty of data within each price tier to make even the most prolific content creator happy.
The plans start at $39 PM reduced to $27 PM if paid annually and this package has generous allowances that will please most users.

From there you can upscale to $59 PM or $41 PM for the teams package. This is for small teams and has more generous allowances than basic around keyword research, keywords list and so on.

The next pricing scale for Writerzen is Agencies and larger digital marketing companies. This starts at $99PM and drops a whopping $30 to $69 PM if paid annually. Quite a saving there for digital marketing companies.

Writerzen NLP AI tool

Writerzen has an integrated NLP section of the tool that is an additional purchase of credits. NLP tries to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual’s map of the world. NLP is not hypnotherapy. Instead, it operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behavior.
It identifies keywords that are associate with our topic via an AI tool that understands the language patterns.
These keywords are not obvious to the naked eye and using Artificial intelligence they are able to give extra juice to your content using NLP



Writerzen is an amazing tool and is personally responsible for ranking over 30 articles on front page of Goggle for me

I highly recommend it. Get a trial here

Cheers Craig





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